Dear best friend,

So you’re my best friend. That’s right. I care for you beyond my own comprehension, but you’re my best friend. And “one must not fall for their best friends”, so what is it exactly that you’re doing to me? Or that I’m doing to myself. I’m not one to fall for people this easy, you know that very well and I’m sorry but I just feel differently about you. I don’t intend to ruin our friendship but being around you or close to you gives me butterflies. When you talk about those girls, I swear I have no intentions of getting jealous or anything, it just comes naturally for some deranged reason. It’s not like I want a relationship with you, I am very well aware that it’s never going to work that way between us. But I do wish I could bury my head in your shirt and have your arms around me and just…talk or even sit there in silence. But we can’t happen and it’s almost funny because as the tears roll down my cheeks, I’m looking at myself and laughing for being such an idiot.
So here’s to you, dear friend. To the promise of a friendship that means way more than silly fights and random urges. To my solemn oath to always try and protect you, Even though you’re the strongest person I know. And for my affection for you, that will never die.
….to be continued.

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  1. james says:

    Who is this best friend of yours?

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    1. He’s been my best friend for about two years now.


      1. james says:

        Is he the one you blogged about once before too? The one who asked everyday whether you blogged about him?

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  2. ljaylj says:

    You just keep telling yourself that it won’t be anything but BFs…

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    1. Because it can’t be anything more than that.

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  3. A traveler in search of an anchor says:

    From the heart of a worn traveler… not let foolish youthful notions prevent at least your attempt at love. A lifetime from now you may both wish you had.

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    1. Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind ^_^


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