Ten things I wish I could tell you…

(1) The way your cheeks flush and you’re drenched in sweat when you’re out in the field. It is then and no other time, that my eyes refuse to wander to anything else.
(2) Playing with your hair, is a privilege that I wish was reserved only for me, for as long as I can remember.
(3) No matter how hard you try, the sorrow in your eyes is obvious to mine. The need to see your smile, is a desperate exigency.
(4) It has been precisely one year since I first told you that I love you. I still remember how your arms felt around me when you hugged me tight.
(5) You’re one of the only reasons I come to school. One simple glance towards you is enough to fix my mood and make my day. I have woken up contemplating,” Should I go today? I may get to see him.”
(6) I am proud of you beyond words can describe. You deserve the best of everything.
(7) Every time you ask me whether I’m okay, and every time you tell me you’re here for me, it makes my heart skip a beat and sometimes it takes me weeks to get over the nausea it gives me after everything that happened.
(8) I smile as subtly as possible to myself, after every kiss that makes me feel safe and warm in your arms.
(9)  Your sweet voice rings in my head more than my favorite song. Making my curl up in a ball and dying to hear it just one last time.
(10) The thought of you leaving, makes me worry till I make myself sick. The thought of not being able to see your face every day, has me in forlorn despair.

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  1. Harini Parthiban says:

    that is so cute dude…….i am loving it! dont tell me, his name MC donalds?

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    1. Hahah MC Donalds? No. I would bet on a simple Indian name though.

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  2. Prahil says:

    Is this for your best friend or your ex friend?

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    1. I’m going to be very honest with you, I wrote this intending it to be for my ex-something but after I read it, I’m not so sure.


      1. Prahil says:

        You are one very confused girl. ‘If you hesitate between me and another person, don’t choose me.’ you. Are hesitating between two boys. Choose wisely. Best friend or ex friend, both are a bad choice.

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      2. I’m not hesitant. I know it I were to choose, I would pick my ex-friend however these apply more or less to the both of them. I have had certain complications with my best friend these days and so I’ve entered a dilemma as to what I should do


  3. Prahil says:


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