A letter to all my haters!

Hey there.
Now considering you’re reading this, you’re either of the following three people: 1) A random stranger on WordPress (2) A close friend who makes it a habit to read my blog (3) A hater who has nothing better to do with their life. But dear hater, this letter is wholly and solely dedicated to you and so I suggest you read all of it.
Why do you hate me? …wait. I don’t even want to know. Know why? Because I don’t care, in fact I may not even be aware of your mere existence, let alone give a shit about it. But let’s ponder over this for a minute, shall we?
I’m a bitch? I’m independent? I abuse? I’m a little to self obsessed? I have the balls to shut you up when you’re wrong? I’m too open about my personal life? Or simple because I do things that your parents always taught you were wrong? Oh do Forgive me for having my own opinion about things. What have you achieved really, by hating on me? Self satisfaction? Feel better about your life?
Admit it, most if you are this innocent only because you’re scared of your “reputation”, I’m not, I don’t care what those teachers say and to be very honest, I’d rather be myself than worry about that teacher who’ll decrease my marks. I am very well aware of what you guys deem right and wrong, but I refuse to acknowledge it. I have my limits and morals, I won’t comply by yours.
Ever thought like a smoker? Or an alcoholic? Or someone who’s heartbroken? Thought like a professional dancer? In fact, ever thought like someone who stares at the limitless skies and just thinks every night? I have. Even if for a day, I have thought like them. Actually, I’m acquainted with a few, they aren’t wrong, and very often not troubled, just limitless and infinite. They aren’t losers, sometimes they think of things beyond comprehension.
I find joy in other’s happiness, I like putting in hours of effort just to make someone happy even if I don’t get credit for it, I believe in standing by what is right according to me, I live for staying up till two am listening to people when they aren’t even in the condition to speak and to be there till they fall asleep, I believe in sunrises and sunsets and star gazing. So I apologize if I don’t fit your definition of perfect, if there’s one thing I can promise to you, it is that I won’t ever even try to be perfect.
Forever and always

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  1. A traveler in search of an anchor says:

    U make me smile

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Much appreciated! I’m glad


  2. Souldiergirl says:

    Boom! You’ve got fire and depth- keep growing it- you’re awesome.

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      1. Souldiergirl says:

        Totally my pleasure :))

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  3. theonlysup says:

    Dear Friend ,
    i would tell stop worrying about haters . they are designed to hate people. but your are not designed to please everybody . u cannot . so why worry about people who think you dont fit in ?
    why worry about people who do not respect your individuality
    why worry about people who cannot respect your principles

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    1. Exactly what I mentioned


  4. Anne Jones says:

    You say you’ve got haters? Maybe not. I mean look at all those comments! You’re good! :))

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    1. Hahah thank you so much ^_^

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  5. whyyymeee says:

    I respect you for saying this… tbh there are too many lowlifes out there who judge us for who we are; simply people who don’t give a shit. Be who you want to be and don’t give a fuck what anyone says, because they certainly do not matter. Find the joy in life and what makes you happy and let that be enough. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I couldn’t agree more


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