Dear schools and colleges,

It is absolutely sick how you’ve made everything about grades and popularity. It breaks my heart to see great minds rot away to nothing simply because they aren’t like yours. The thought of someone being even a little different becoming an outcast only because you fail to give them a chance, makes me want to puke.
I’ve been told plenty of times to not blog about things this controversial, if my teachers read this, most would probably just decrease my marks from a fifty down to a fifteen. Why? Because a simple teenage girl has grown up enough to see their hypocrisy and biased faces.
It saddens me to see parents being hard on their children, because the worry of their child’s future scares them to death. More than that, it hurts me to see children beat themselves over the fact that they don’t understand a mere math concept. It kills me to see children engage in self harm and intoxicate themselves over an exam.
If you grow the balls to tell me, that this is how the world works and that there is no choice, then let me make it clear to you that I refuse to play by your rules. I’m not interested in your ivy league colleges that want noble peace prize winners in their classes and neither do I wish to be in those schools, that refuse to acknowledge talent beyond competition.
What about the poets? The artists? The children that want nothing more than to bring a smile on someone’s faces? They’re just wasting their time you say? You can do this when you’re done with studies you say? Well, my question to you, what if I fucking die tomorrow? In fact, what if you fucking die tomorrow? Are you happy and content just sitting on your asses judging kids from all around the word on the basis of a stupid exam? Because I certainly am not going to be proud sitting on my ass giving an exam that doesn’t even make me remotely happy.
I understand it’s important, but we’re raising a generation of robots and not children running in the field enjoying. Exams shouldn’t want to make you kill yourself, admissions shouldn’t make you want to cry all day. This isn’t what we started. This isn’t what education is.
– Worried, confused and pissed.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    dear friend ,
    i understand your frustration, anger . it is justified.
    i’m someone who always believed in the education which gives us skills on what are interested in , developing skill that we could use it to become world class people..that teaches us how to be emotionally stronger,that motivates us to bring the best in us , teaches moral values, there are 100s f thing which even Harvard university cant teach.

    im against parents who force you to score 90+ in cant be jack of all and master of none. instead i prefer them to concentrate onn 1 thing or just few things their child is good at and interested in. Support their talent .
    if your child get only 60+ , doesn’t mean world has collapsed for him..

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    1. I understand that and I do know that school teaches us so much more. I genuinely love my school but the education system is absolute shit. Not getting above 80% literally gets you nowhere these days.

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      1. theonlysup says:

        that is what im emphasizing .. schools these days are money looters than providing quality education . if you look at the way i studied my degree you will be surprised.i never did what they told me to unless i felt there is something beneficial ,and implementable .. initially i was hated for asking cross questions, by my brainstorming ideas(u can see them on my blogs. the kind of blogs i write ). i was called names , but then my values were stronger.

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      2. Great to see there’s more rebels out there. Thank you.

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      3. theonlysup says:

        i donot accept anything unless im provided the correct rationale for the things i need to follow 🙂 i like your views on that

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      1. Souldiergirl says:

        Right! Fkn education system is a joke

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  2. Eila jones says:

    I totally agree with u i study my ass out to study things i dont even like i want to be a painter yet th last tym i painted was last year… Now all i do all day nd night is maths cuz m weak at it my parents dnt even understand this i try to explain thm and they start shouting… I am confused now should i just keep on this life and end up being unhappy but impressing my parents or pursue wht i want to do?

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    1. Pursue what you want. You’ll never be happy otherwise. I hope things work out for you.


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