Dear schools and colleges,

12 thoughts on “Dear schools and colleges,”

  1. dear friend ,
    i understand your frustration, anger . it is justified.
    i’m someone who always believed in the education which gives us skills on what are interested in , developing skill that we could use it to become world class people..that teaches us how to be emotionally stronger,that motivates us to bring the best in us , teaches moral values, there are 100s f thing which even Harvard university cant teach.

    im against parents who force you to score 90+ in cant be jack of all and master of none. instead i prefer them to concentrate onn 1 thing or just few things their child is good at and interested in. Support their talent .
    if your child get only 60+ , doesn’t mean world has collapsed for him..

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      1. that is what im emphasizing .. schools these days are money looters than providing quality education . if you look at the way i studied my degree you will be surprised.i never did what they told me to unless i felt there is something beneficial ,and implementable .. initially i was hated for asking cross questions, by my brainstorming ideas(u can see them on my blogs. the kind of blogs i write ). i was called names , but then my values were stronger.

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  2. I totally agree with u i study my ass out to study things i dont even like i want to be a painter yet th last tym i painted was last year… Now all i do all day nd night is maths cuz m weak at it my parents dnt even understand this i try to explain thm and they start shouting… I am confused now should i just keep on this life and end up being unhappy but impressing my parents or pursue wht i want to do?

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