To my future significant other…

An old post ❤

A Veil of Innocence

Let me get this straight, If I say “I am getting married” I was being sarcastic or I was drunk. And it is your responsibility to talk me out of it. Thank you. I am counting on you.

– TheNarcissisticGirlNextDoor

Now, lf you live in India or know anything about this place you’d know that the day you’re born; in fact the second you’re born, your profession (be it a doctor, engineer or taking over you fathers business), the day you will get married and to who you will get married is waiting at your doorstep before you can even learn to crawl. There is no telling whether it will be Gupta uncle’s son or malhota aunty’s daughter but you may get to hear a “They are old friends, you have to marry Geeta or it will ruin an ages long friendship, would you do that to you parents?” and…

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