A night to remember

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So I went for a summer camp for a couple of days and returned just two days ago. One thing that really stands out in my head was the night treck. You see, every single day we passed through the same pathway, for every activity. The same cracks on muddy pathways, the same tress surrounding the area, the same glowing white sunflowers that illuminated the path as though there was nothing more beautiful in existence.
However, things were quite different in the dark. Not a single noise to be heard, just the shuffle in the trees, moments so quite that you could hear the people next to you breathe. Perhaps it’s the same for humans, the same beautiful smile and glimmering eyes, but inside there’s always a certain darkness which one is barely acquainted with, possibly because it’s dangerous, scary, dark and unknown to even the person itself.
They told us leopards were a common sight at the place where we took refuge, they told us that the first time you see a leopard, it’s the sixteenth time it sees you. Every single move of that mysterious creature is so well thought out, it already knows what you’re going to do, so much so, it’ll know where your instincts will take you. Made me go back to the playbook of manipulation, evey move so carefully thought out, two steps ahead in every circumstance. It’s strange how nature is so connected to humans at times.
There lay a hundred dangers in that little stretch of land, under those glowing yet still stars and dark dense forests. Nature is truly perfect in it’s ways.

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  1. Eva says:

    The night trek ❤
    I was pointing out constellations and looking for planets. It was beautiful really.
    The overwhelming silence…the darkness…
    I just had my eyes closed desperately trying to hear any noises that may be, hoping for a leopard to come along but alas, what can you do?
    Regardless, that night truly stood out.
    Never going to forget it.

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    1. Tell me about it! It was beautiful. I just sit there in silence, praying that just maybe, there had to have been some noise there, how can someplace possibly be so quiet!

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      1. Eva says:


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