I’m a teenager. I’ve never been a victim to assaults, rapes or even gender discrimination. I’ve never had a deadly disease like cancer or MS. I’m not pregnant. My parents are together and love me more than anything. I’ve never suffered from poverty or hunger either. I’ve never even been dumped by a guy on … Continue reading Purposeless

Dear schools and colleges,

It is absolutely sick how you’ve made everything about grades and popularity. It breaks my heart to see great minds rot away to nothing simply because they aren’t like yours. The thought of someone being even a little different becoming an outcast only because you fail to give them a chance, makes me want to … Continue reading Dear schools and colleges,


Seven shots down and the world starts to spin. An attempt to forget him had just simply backfired. Sitting at the corner of the freeway, a mess, a bottle and neon heels… her condition in a nutshell. Whatever happened to movies in the afternoon and endless laughter? Cars pass by and strangers in disgust frown … Continue reading Blur.

Run for Nepal.

I’m sure you all have heard about the recent tragedy that struck are beloved neighbour Nepal. Hitting a new high of 7.9 on the Richter scale, this earthquake has cause major loss of life. Families broken, homes shattered, children homeless and others? Fighting for life. As a token of love and support we have launched … Continue reading Run for Nepal.

My parents.

I know. I know. I’m not the best of daughters, but my parents? They couldn’t be any better. If you wanna learn parenting? They’re the ones to go to. From how to handle my mood swings, dealing with my midnight cravings, bad grades to how to punish me for the wrong I do. Yeah, I … Continue reading My parents.