In the future

Five years in the future, Daddy would teach her how to cycle, While mommy braided her soft hair. Ten years in the future, Daddy would teach her to ride a bike, While mommy would teach her the family recipes. Fifteen years in the future, Daddy would tell her about world politics, And mommy would teach … Continue reading In the future

Beautiful day.

I had an absolutely beautiful day today, one of the days where I can actually say that I picked my head up, moved on and didn’t let anyone take control of my mood. After travelling about half an hour to meet my best friend, I had a lovely time catching up with her, after which … Continue reading Beautiful day.

A veil of innocence.

As you may have very well noticed, the blog address is now a veil of innocence. Why I picked this? I have absolutely no idea, but I somewhere feel like it speaks to me, like it defines me in a way. A little bit more than all my narcissism, you know how it is right? … Continue reading A veil of innocence.


It’s time for change. It’s time to stop being that girl. I am not someone who will take bullshit from others, I will no longer tolerate people taking me for granted, I won’t say sorry when I’m not at fault and I will most definitely not let any weakness show. And no I’m not doing … Continue reading Change.