Eight months.

And she wasn’t sure of what to do, everything was so distant yet so perfect. His lips, in that split second, took her back to her fairytale land. A place where she was his and he was hers. Eight months, she had craved his touch, screamed into pillows and cried up till dawn, eight months. And her reward? A slight peck and handshake. That in itself was more than she could handle.
But she knew. She knew that nothing in the world could possibly be half as beautiful as the way his eyes looked at her and the way she felt when in his arms.
…and just like that, once again, comfortable yet alone in her cozy bed. She wanted him to lie next to her in pure innocence. With their bodies pressed against each other and the comfort of each other’s presence.

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  1. moon lover says:

    Reblogged this on Can I Keep You… and commented:
    8 months… Soon a year. . Then 2… but a lifetime?!


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    1. Thanks for the reblog ^_^
      It’s strange how time passes by this fast.

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