Life as of now…

I’ve left it to the caliber of my friends to unravel the mysteries behind all my incomplete sentences. Behind all the “he’s so.” And “I can’t even”, “but ohmygod”, yes that’s right, I’m back to where I promised I’d never go again. But I’ll tell you what? This time, I feel good about this, I feel smarter and wiser and I know my priorities.
Bringing me to the next thing, I feel amazing about my life right now. I’ll admit I’m slightly sleepy but other than that life is great. I spoke to a best friend I haven’t spoken to in almost two years, I’ve been studying (not very very regularly but yes I’m trying), my terms with my best friend seem to be back to normal, I’ve become closer to my parents and I haven’t fucked up in quite a while.
It somewhat scares me though, how perfect things are. I couldn’t be happier about it but it always gives me a feeling that something massive is about to go wrong and this is just that little span of happiness before things become nightmares. I hope not.
We’re also finally going on vacation as a family which is exciting! We’re headed to Bangkok around the end of June and early July and I have never been there so I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me.
Meanwhile, I hope all of you are doing really well, I’m here for anybody who wishes to talk to me about anything in their life. I promise I’ll try to post more regularly now that summer break has started!
Bucketful of love

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