Progressing into positivity.

So I woke up rather late today, let’s just say it was barely afternoon by the time my eyes fully opened, kinda early don’t you think? The weather was absolutely beautiful considering it was raining at a place where temperatures were peaking to 45°. I spent all of last night talking to my best friend about old memories and random stuff and as far as I know, I hadn’t seen either of us laugh this much in ages, you know the kind of laugh which makes you burry your head in a pillow to control it? Yeah that.
Anyway, I surprisingly haven’t yet felt that irresistible urge to text him, which is pretty good because I was swooning over him three days ago and though I know this mood is going to be short lived, I’m still praying it’ll last longer. I’ve started tying my hair in this messy bun smack at the top of my head like they do in the movies and my kajal has become thicker than ever, I cleared my shelf and wardrobe and put on my favorite crop top and took out all my funky necklaces that I totally forgot I had. Not too shabby for a day’s progress huh?
Anyone of you ever seen the movie “girl interrupted”? It’s about a girl called Susana kaysen and she’s sent to a mental asylum for trying to commit suicide by having a bottle of aspirin and washing it down with a bottle of vodka, anyhow, the movies revolves around her life in claymore mental hospital and the friends she makes there. Gives one a very deep insight into the minds of those suffering from mental disorders, I mean, it isn’t always as simple as “get over it”. I’ve lately been obsessed with it and recently ordered the book because I want to start my reading again, I’ve realized that one of the only ways to truly grow, is to understand the views of those you disagree with, gives a whole new outlook on certain things.
Other than all of that, I’m pretty happy with myself and how things are going and I’d really appreciate your inputs on anything that you guys in particular would want me to share my views about!
Kudos to you guys!
Stay happy, stay excited about the little things and live like you’ve always dreamt of because life is too short to dwell on the past, sweetheart!

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