Happy birthday Grandma!

So it’s my grandmother’s seventieth birthday! Old much? You know, it’s strange to think about how many experiences one goes by over the span of seventy years, and even more so, how many of them do they remember? I’m currently fourteen, and when I look at her, it’s just baffling to even think of living that long.  All those goof ups and embarrassing moments, the fights and little things. It all adds up to this and it’s absolutely beautiful. And then it hit me, It was my great grandma’s birthday on the seventeenth, that is my grandma’s mom and she was about to turn ninety that day, she was gifted with my grandma at the mere age of twenty, which is barely being an adult in today’s time. For me it’s like having children in the next five years, it’s absurd and it is too much responsibility. Indian tradition in older times always promoted child marriage, and very often of young girls with older men, I sometimes think that that’s the reason I never got to meet my great grandfather.

A recent United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef)report said 720 million women around the world, alive today, were married before 18 years compared to 156 million men. One-third of these are in India – about 240 million
– TheHindu

But at the same time this makes me wonder what my great grandma went through, getting married at that tender age and also what a million other girls may be going through in remote villages all across the world and especially India. To be married for life at the age of fourteen, to be living with med forty years elder to oneself, let alone bearing a child at that age. It’s inexcusable.
In my opinion this practice is absolutely mundane and disgusting. How can one’s parents consent to all this! People’s way of thinking must be changed. This practise had to be put to a halt, is not now, then when will we realize the importance of childhood in an individuals life, so much so that we are willing to risk scarring them for life.

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  1. Azalea says:

    Is it totally creepy that we published a post at the same frickin’ time?


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