Day two; Story two

 I joined school in India in seventh grade. The country itself was new to me, ignoring the fact that I knew no one. It felt kinda strange and sad when there was no one to talk to. The school was nice, and it took me no time to feel right at home.
At first, I was teased a lot cause I did not know Hindi, but then I caught up, so that’s okay. I made some real good friends while I was in eighth grade, which was a first cause I never really thought i’d get along with the new people around me. 

Its surprising how many people go through this situation. I remember when i first shifted back to India, I never thought I could fit it, mostly because it proved to be right so many times.
A new place, new city, new people, it’s all very scary at first, especially when you’re moving to India.

Being the kid I was, I never really spoke up much. Never stood up for myself. Kept believing the fact that. It’s a huge deal to have courage to laugh upon one’s own mistakes. But, that’s not what happens in India after all. You have to learn to stand up for ourselves, cause brother, criticising is in our blood.

This is sadly truer than I would want it to be. I don’t know much about other countries, but here’s how it works in India: you’re born…and people expect things from you. You try to rise above the hate and you know? Be you? And that’s where you’re wrong, because if you’re loud about your identity then it wont be allowed to exist. I believe that this world is more than just governments, borders and homes and that to escape you have to remove that metal block that controls you, because the only thing that takes over your power is the fear that you don’t have any. I don’t know how many of you will understand what I’m trying to say because it took me ages to decipher it myself.

It was only in India, in Delhi to be precise, that I realised what real friendship, real strength, and real thoughts meant.

Say no more brother, The ways and works of Delhi make a person tough, and might I add that I am proud of him for having the courage to stand through all the rumors and criticism that comes with the struggle of being yourself in this judgemental society that still prevails.

Who according to you affected your growth as a person most in Delhi?
You and my best friend.
From you, I learnt how to handle situations. Also, how to stand up for oneself and my mindset changed completely after hanging out with Jacob* The way he always stays positive is very appealing. You both inspired me to such extent that I am a whole new person now

*Name change for privacy purposes. ‎

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