Day three; Story three

Coming to today’s story, I’d say it’s one of the best pieces of advice you can get. This comes from a girl whose mind works like magic, who writes so beautifully that it makes me want to read that little black book of hers, let’s just say she’s my favorite person in school.

No matter what you do never let your guard down. You might be the strongest person, physically, emotionally but know that letting your guard down will destroy you. All the novel bullshit about finding true love and confining all your secrets in them is, guess what? Novel bullshit.

As much as I agree with this, there is something that holds me back from completely letting it sink in.
My dad was my mother’s first love, her first kiss, her first everything. They’ve been married twenty years and every time I see them, I still see that spark that you see in young love, you know? That “whatever happens we’re in this together” spark? That. My grandparents have been together for over fifty years and they go through the same boring day schedule every single day, yet they’re not bored if each other’s company. My grandfather goes for a walk every morning and for over ten years my grandma cuts his favorite fruits for him while he’s gone. That kind of compatibility is barely seen anymore. Perhaps that’s what makes me want to believe in a happily ever after.
But alas, she is right. Times have changed and so has the mindset, if you don’t play it smart in this world then you’re going to be pulled down with full force.

In a selfish world, the selfish succeed, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with everyone. You can find your perfect best friend, boyfriend, therapist but one day they’ll all pack their bags and leave you there stranded. People are the most fickle source of comfort. You want something that lasts? Get a dog.
Life is far too short and fast paced for you to go about crying over breakups and fights. Just move on man. Old people leave new people come. The more often you change your circle of friends, the lesser you have to worry about. Why get close to few when you can be just there for everyone. Seems like a good enough plan doesn’t it?

But this is the articulate planning is by the mind. The heart is forever a 13 year old with a crush and it wants more than anything for you to fall in love over and over again and again. And know that the moment your heart wins the battle between reality and optimism is when your world comes crashing down around you.
The moment you trust someone is the moment you’ve left yourself vulnerable. The moment you lose the upper hand is the moment you’ve lost the war. The moment you succumb to them is the moment you’ve surrendered yourself. The moment you fall in love is the moment you’ve killed yourself.
But guess what, if it’s the right person, you’ll kill yourself and end up in heaven.
That is, if they aren’t the devil himself in disguise.
Bottom line, you can consider what you’ve read the ultimate truth about the world, or the simple musings of a broken heart.
The latter seems more fitting, don’t you think?

Call it musings of a broken heart or whatever you like, there is an element of truth in this that one just can’t ignore. And that’s because of the simple reason that this world doesn’t end at love, it doesn’t end at that friend or things like governments or borders. There is more to it, go skydiving, go for a run in the rain, go do things you love and stop letting people take over your life. Fall in love with life, not something as temporary as people.

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