Day four; Story four

I joined the school 3 years ago when I was in standard 6. Being the new student, I barely knew anyone. I spent each and every moment of my school life with a girl I considered my best friend. I was always scared of being alone and by myself which lead me to follow her almost everywhere. I even took up the same activities as her. Now that I think about it, she had a reason to hate me back then. And yes, she did. In the beginning of eighth standard I started acknowledging her disinterest in me. With a few arguments and discussions with other fellows, I was sure about how she felt about me. We fought and were back together again. This was followed followed by many more disappointments in each other. Even if we never told each other, they were evident enough.

Fighting with a best friend is never easy, and sometimes it’s way harder than it may seem to other’s. I remember having a best friend, we had been so for about seven years and are still somewhat in touch. We were crazy about each other, in a very obsessive manner, we did everything together, grew together and I somehow believe that, that is the reason we are so similar. We fought like little kids over every little thing until the people around me made me realize how much time I was wasting on her. About last winter we had a really major fight, which was the end point for me, I don’t know why and how but I was pushed over the point of tolerance and decided to never speak to her again. I grew out of the friendship really quickly, whereas she…didn’t.

I had always been a person who was betrayed by friends but this one  broke me on a higher level. But the good part is, now I am no more dependent upon anyone. I can do what I want the way I like without any problem.
Getting recognized for who you are gives you more power to work upon who you want to be. And it surely did help me.

May I just say, that I absolutely adore the way she got back up on her feet, it isn’t easy to do so after someone you consider your “be all end all” betrays you. After my fight with my friend it took me a while to get used to the fact that we were no longer in talking terms but my friends at school made this easier on me, they told me their stories, they motivated me, they told me to focus on my studies and sure enough, I started to score well, participate more, achieve more in my days and became a more optimistic person in general.
I’ve learnt that though it’s great to have a best friend, it’s not right to make your world revolve around them, because the path you take and the path they will are sure to differ in most cases. Like they say,” Don’t place your happiness in other people’s hands, they’ll drop it every time” and though they may say you’ve changed, it’s important to believe in yourself and know when to not give a fuck about what they think.

“What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learnt from people like her?”
Never rely completely on people…people can be unpredictable….one needs to be ready for any situation that they may put you through.

There’s only so many things I can tell you considering you already know so much, but mostly, I just want to say that friends may be important to you, and they should be. But you should know who’s important enough to cross oceans for. They’ll come and go and some will be lessons, but if you’re mentally aware, no one can leave your devastated, not even your best friends.

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