Day six; Story six

Today’s story is about a guy. A guy who is by far one of the nicest and most understanding people I know, though we don’t talk as much, we’ve been travelling in the same bus for over five years.

There was this girl in my class, back in eighth grade, I always thought she was a bit of a drama queen, but once I got to know her, she actually turned out to be one of the sweetest girls I knew, she was just so beautiful and kiddish and jolly all the time.
You can probably imagine what happened next, I grew an unexplainable crush on her and I just didn’t know what to do about it.

Ah, middle school crushes have always been such a big deal. A hug used to be one of the most major forms of PDA. When you’re just sitting there writing chits to them or just looking at them in class, getting excited when they’re in the same group as you for an activity, and sometimes also realizing you guys barely talk.

I used to abuse a lot back then, I don’t anymore, but that was the one thing that got me down.
She always told me she disliked that I abused and this one day, she said if I ever do it again, she won’t ever talk to me again.
And the next day, well…let’s just say she decided to never talk to me again. I missed her so much, spent my classes just staring at her, and I realized what I’d lost but it was too late.

As sad as this is, it’s also so adorable. You know what you should do? Go up to her, apologize to her, tell her you stopped abusing thanks to her and let her know you miss her. Life is way to small to just adore people from afar, I believe in going up all in their face and being all “OhMYGod you’re soo adorrbbsss I can’t even handle it”, but I suggest you don’t do exactly THAT.

“So did you guys ever talk after that?”
No actually, never again.
I’m currently in twelfth and she’s still in my batch, and I can say with full confidence that I still love her as much as I did in eighth. But we probably won’t ever talk again, and that’s okay because she deserves only what’s best and I don’t think I’m it.

Who is this girl? Name her and give me her address! Goddamn marry her because I’m like seriously awww-ing right now. You know, I don’t think she can get someone better or more deserving than you right now. You’re so amazing and so sweet and I’m very sure you’re going to keep anyone who’s with you in the end, very very happy.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    the best i read today 🙂 i could actually imagine what u wrote .
    but yeah by apologizing , things would have changed i guess .. may be for better ..
    but thats all in the game of life ..

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    1. Yeah probably, but I guess it’s just how it was supposed to be.
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. theonlysup says:

        absolutely love everything u write , you genuinely express everything so nicely from ur heart.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is so sweet of you 🙂

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  2. Samarth arora says:

    That was sooo sooo touching
    Even i think he deserved her
    This is such a nic blog , good luck 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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