Day seven, Story seven

There was this girl in my class who everyone like everyone hated but she had like really good sources so nobody wanted to piss her off, And sources as in people who could give us cellphones and stuff because we weren’t allowed to keep ours to it was kind of a big deal for all the boarders.

Ahh! I think I know where this is going, those bitches who think they own the place. But hey man, sources get you a lot of privilege and well, other people sucking up to you. Connections can get us pretty much anything we want, just not true friends.

So this one random day she was trying to you know insult me and stuff like she always does, Oh and she was sort of a prissy little condescending bitch.
So when I finally stood up to her and told her that nobody liked her. I was literally boycotted for the rest of the school year, And the worst part was we were all in the same dormitory and they’d all make groups and sit on one person’s bed and bitch about me.

You know what shocks me? If no one liked her and didn’t have the balls to stand up for themselves or her and instead of boycotting a prissy girl, they boycott someone who actually wants to do something.
Typical society right? Everyone complains about government but no one does shit about it, everyone complains about all their little problems but they don’t do shit about it.

Since the hostel was in nainital most of the girls were you know geeky and they really admired the plains and big city girls, And I was a delhite they knew that, so they had to be in touch with me, is what one of them said.

Because just because we boycotted you, doesn’t mean we won’t use you, right? You know what, as far as I know her, she’s the most beautiful girl and she is so smart and so funny and I’m glad she’s not talking to such people anymore and has realized her worth.

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