Day eight; Story eight

School Life Memories.
A memory can be very difficult to describe in words , let alone a whole life full of memories. According to me every second in schools adds on to your memory box , there is something or the other happening to you every now and then. Memories are not only those major moments but every moment you spend in those 6 hours of the day.
From the First Step in the school in nercery cucoo to entering the science section in class XI , from my first lunch break in which I was allowed to roam around to the latest one I had today , from that feeling of wearing that Senior Blue Uniform for the first time to the feeling and pride of wearing the White ITL shirt everyday , from writing with a pen first time , to typing a code for a software today , from first participating in a school function to taking the whole responsibility to execute one on my own. Every bit of this life has been speechless. I have made countless friends and relations , countless memories which cannot be described in the given set and combinations of these 26 charecters on my keyboard.

One suggestion to every school student , take joy in everything. This time will never come back.

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  1. Reading this brought back so many memories

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    1. Same here, school is indeed a beautiful experience

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