Day nine; Story nine

So. My parents, they weren’t compatible. Still aren’t. Never will be. I won’t blame anyone of them, because I love them both. But, if I’d to chose who’s right or wrong, I’d say, dad. Though I love him as my dad, but I have seen the other side of him, that isn’t as good as it should be. Infact its bad. Real bad. From domestic violence to cheating. He’s done everything. I’ve seen fights going up till 5 am when I have an exam the next day. I’d go through sleepless nights and the fear of losing my mother , at an age of 7. I’d cry all night and laugh out loud the next day. Hiding your feelings from others, ask me about it.
It was last year when I and mom decided we couldn’t bear him anymore and things are so worse that either of the two of us or maybe both, might die. 

Guys, I just want to say that this is coming from a girl, who us by far one of the more cheerful, bubbly, amazing and selfless people I know. I had no idea of what was happening behind the scenes, and I guess no one can ever judge a person’s situation, all we know is what they choose to show.

So we moved out. To a new place. I have my half yearly exams and I am going through a turmoil. New place, new people. And trust me leaving your home, where you’ve lived for 14 long years, it’s difficult.
So well , we lived there for about an year. And my life changed. Completely. I figured out what I was missing out. Though I became more of an introvert at school. Lost many friends. But I grew. As a whole. And I became wiser. And then, a month ago, we get to know that dad shifted to USA, which meant that the house, is empty, and left for no one. And so we decided to move back. And two weeks back, we shifted back. And I get to live in MY house. The place where I grew up. And it feels amazing. 

There is nothing in particular that I would like to add to this story, like I normally do because the extents of emotions cannot be expressed by me and I believe I would never be able to do justice to it. All I can say is that I have been wrong before about judging people and this has taught me that I am in no position to be making that judgement and nor are any of us. I am so proud of her and I am so glad that she faced it all and is so unbelievably strong. Salute to her.

“Is there anything you want to say?”
I just wanna say, that when life seems tough, and you see no end of the grief, remember, there WILL be a time when the cloud will pass. And if not everything, but the major problems you see today might not even exist after an year or two.

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