Day twelve; Story twelve

A man contacted me yesterday on my email. He had a simple request or favor to ask of me, his wish was that he and his wife be remembered, and that their love be remembered.
He loved a woman, she was beautiful and smart, however due to some family disputes they were made to part ways and get divorced. Today, she loves him and he loves her, yet the both cannot be together. It’s sad how society always finds some or the other way to restrict us from what we really want.
She was made to marry another man and now she is gone from his life forever. He is alone and scared and he doesn’t know what to do.

We lived together for long but we thought it was destined forever

He doesn’t want me to be building on his story, it’s not that there is much I can say, I don’t understand his pain half as much as I want to. He just wants his story told and all I can say is that things will get better, they always do. I know it feels like the end of the world and you want to crash and burn but believe me, there’s a reason things happen and all we can do is pray that it’s a good one.

I’m not rich and I’m no king, I can’t build the taj mahal for her, but the least I can do is hope that our love be remembered”

And indeed it will be…

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