Day fourteen; Story fourteen

“Failure is the pillar of success.”           
“You need to learn to lose, to learn to win.”
I don’t believe any of that. These are the very words of the people who failed the first time. Who made up excuses as to why they lost.
Everyone has a dream. A goal. A desire. A wish. But not everyone achieves it. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to.
Basketball is my passion. To win is my goal. To be the best is my dream. To work hard is my desire. But Faith and Belief in myself, is what keeps me going.
I don’t agree that you need to lose to learn how to win. Why? Why do you have to waste one good opportunity so as to you could learn to win from the next one. Why not win from the very first one?

As much as I after with this, I do to a certain extent believe that learning to accept failure is important, and what’s more important is to not give up even if you fail. Defeat is something that is a part of life, but I also think you haven’t felt true defeat if you haven’t given it your all. It’s really important to understand another person’s perspective and to know when your logic and reason makes sense to you, even if it doesn’t always agree with others.

Why don’t we work hard enough everyday for our dreams, our passion, our goals, our desires? Why do we take out time for everything going on in our life except for the things that actually matter to us. 
Basketball taught me never to give up. No matter how hard the situation, you gotta keep moving. You have to work everyday, and win everytime. Be it a friendly game, or the finals.
One cannot accept defeat.
This attitude turned my life around. It not just made me a better ball player, it made me a better person. I feel privileged and honored to be doing the thing that I love, every single day of my life.
For there is no greater satisfaction in life than doing what you love the most.
To everyone out there looking for their passion. Or working towards their goals.
Don’t give up. Don’t stop till you have what you want. Don’t accept defeat.
Second place, is the worst. You always have to come First. You can and you shall.
Just Do What You Believe In, And Believe In What You Do.
A great man once said, “Just create a situation where failure isn’t even a possibility.” Work with that in mind, and no force on the this planet can stop you from doing what you want to do.            
“Never Say Never, Because Limits Like Fears, Are Often Just An Illusion” – Micheal Jordan.
Don’t stop till your Dreams become Reality. Because they can.

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