Day nineteen; Story nineteen

We both hated each other, we couldn’t stand each other’s sight, we came in the same school bus, used to shove foils in each other’s faces, who knew this hatred will take a turn and she will start liking me. It was October for her and it was January for me when we just fell for each other. In October, She started smiling at me for no reason but who knew the it was just love. In January, I started falling for her , her eyes, her smile , the way she looked at me, my heart skipped a beat.
She used to turn and smile everyday. One day, her best friend told me “She likes you”. That very day I made my mind I wanted to propose. I started loving her more and more everyday. It was march 28th I came early to the school bus and even she did. I thought it was a great chance to pour out my feelings that day. I said it. I said ” I love you”. She hesitated , couldn’t say a word. I didn’t think it’s the end. I just said I’ll wait for you. She asked to give her 1 week’s time. I agreed. I waited for a week. After one week , she wanted to talk to me she said “I cannot say yes, I just cannot 😦 , my parents , my twin brother.. they’ll get to know. ” he smiled and said what’s social media for? πŸ˜‰
She said yes that day. I was so happy I was on the ninth cloud.
It was ten months since we’d been in a relationship, happy and perfect but it wasn’t so perfect. You know this world? They never wanted us to last long. We both just talked on facebook and sometimes in bus but still couldn’t because of the teachers. We sometimes met outside school with friends, not so frequently. Once in 3 months or so. Well, one day I was helping my dad with some office work and suddenly got a call from my bestfriend saying “your girlfriend’s mother called, she was asking for your number”. I started trembling and I rushed home. I got a call from her mother. I could hear my girlfriend crying and shouting from behind “Mom I love him I can’t live without him”. She made her shut up and started screaming on me “HOW DARE YOU DATE MY DAUGHTER SHE HAS TO STUDY NOT GO DATING AROUND” I asked her how did u get to know? She said “Somebody send me a picture of you both and said you’re dating.” I asked who? She said “No name , just a well wisher..” I hung up the phone and I cried my lungs out that day. I couldn’t handle myself I went on to drinking I could not stop. I never wanted to see this hideous day.
After some days I found out that she and her brother were sent off to boarding school. I was broken and devastated. I miss it all I miss getting on my knees and singing romantic songs for her I miss those stolen kisses. Worst of all, I miss her. One day, I’ll take my heart back, piece by piece. This world is a cruel place. I just want to see her again. Hug her and kiss her all over again.

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