Day twenty; Story twenty

Time has always been real hard for me! Not only in case of family but in the case of friends as well!
My dad had a divorce with my mom when I was 4 and he remarried when I was 10 and things in my life were never easy after that, I had always been leading a challenging life when it came to relationships.
I have a lot of fights with my step mom on absurd reasons. There are times when I feel lonely, broken, and just can’t understand my feelings as to what was wrong. Its really hard. My step mother made my dad against me and spoiled our relationships as much as she could.
She didn’t leave a single opportunity to put me down and at times blamed me for what I hadn’t even done. I just couldn’t take all this , And decided to leave all kinds of hopes from my family and lived as if there was nothing at home. I tried to take things positively and always have a smile and a zeal of living life happily. I have always had real good relationships with my real mom and she has always been there to support me no matter what she understands me and trusts me, which proved to be great emotional support during this time.
And now its high time all this has happened to me and now I have the courage to stand in front of the whole world and can say that,” Yes I’m strong enough to keep my life happy! Today I’m blessed with love from my best friends, I have all kinds of little happiness in my life though I miss the parents love and care but you know life is incomplete if you don’t have challenges. I have gone through a lot of them and I’m currently going through many of them and in the end I know I will win All Of Them.”

It’s beautiful and so inspiring to see her this motivated despite the obstacles that remain within the confinements of her house. It takes a lot of courage and power to pull through, devoid of the love and care one once received from their parents. It’s so important to stay strong and do what has to be done, because at the end of the day, there are only so many things one has control over and ourselves is pretty much it.

A quote by @w.willow

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