Day twenty one; Story twenty one

I. T. L public school, a school I knew from  2011.. But joined in 2015. I knew many names &  faces, the classrooms even the pool which no wonder was my favorite place. 13th April 2015 was my first day I entered officially as an Itleen.
All these days I thought I knew the school very well, but on 13th of April I realized I didn’t. I knew the classrooms, names of the teachers and few of my seniors already but I guess it was just me who did. I expected my first day to be rad, fun &  happening but it clearly wasn’t.
My first day in fact was probably the longest and the lamest day.
People were busy with their studies & fun and I was busy doodling at the corner desk.
I already had changed school like 7 times in different states but they were all pretty fine.
I anyways for like till next week kept sitting in the corner most row to doodle and stare and literally doodle until I went for these dance auditions &  surprisingly got selected. It was weird how all of a sudden a bunch of people who you don’t know just attack you with happiness & love.. That was the turning point when I opened up, forgot about what and whom
I already knew and started knowing new people and stuff. Now, my other fellow mates assumed I’m in the “coolest clique” which somewhere I think is correct. The only missout in my new ITL life was that I joined with 2 of my childhood friends, and presently one of them is my “fellow mate” probably because she couldn’t get in the “coolest clique” I am in.
So far these 4 months in itl have been fun. Keeping apart all the lonely doodling time. So far this journey has been amazing. My cool friends, pretty Juniors, and great seniors everything is fun.
Now being a part of the coolest group and enjoying life I surely am looking forward to explore more in this school &  it’s pool. 💕

We lose friends, we make friends, it’s all a part of life. What’s important is to know who’s fake and who’s not, I hope the people in your clique are true to you and care about you just as much as those that grew up with you.  A new school is always hard to fit into but once popularity hits someone, school can be a blast. Although more than popularity, it’s important to make friends that’ll be there for you through it all and people who won’t turn their back on you. Personally I had a very hard time fitting into the ITL ambience after moving here from Kuwait, things were different and people refused to accept me at first. But I’ve learnt that although there exist people that make you not want to even look at school, you’re sure to find the brightest, most inspiring and truly beautiful from the inside out people in this great institution.
Welcome to ITL

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    1. Thank you! Glad you found it


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