Day twenty two; Story twenty two

Happy friendship day everyone! Here’s a special story for this special day from a special person.

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It was 2013 and things for me kick started in July, I was looking for a chance to talk to her and friendship day was just the right time to start, and so I did. This day marked the beginning of a new chapter for me.
Three weeks post friendship day and constant flirting, I asked her out. Although instead of having a proper relationship, we decided to go for a trial instead, just to test the waters.
One week from then we figured that this was what we wanted and so we “Officially started dating.”
Things were great, we were too much in love to care about anything else in the world, romantic talks, hugs, kisses…love was in the air. Eventually our parents did find out about us but that didn’t stop us. “Jab pyaar kiya toh darana kya”, right?
Six months later, things started going downhill, made things worse, possessiveness made things worse, she started liking a guy online, he started getting attracted to her and though I know it was wrong on my part, yet, I hacked into her account and saw the exchange of her and his romantic chats and conversations. I don’t know how true was it but I couldn’t ignore what I saw. I still accepted her justifications and continued to try and bring things back to normal but I somehow couldn’t digest it. Things worsened and to put my mind in something started MUNing and it did motivate me a lot because it’s among the few things I’ve become good at.
And at MUN’s was where I realized and I saw where was I stuck, what a nuisance this was and what was happening to me, I had such better people to look up to and this is where I was getting caught up.
The Tensions were already there and they grew and we finally broke up on the 10th of April, it was sad because we would have completed 8 months on the 11th however it wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t worth the pain and nor the stress.
I still do miss her at times thinking that probably I was wrong but then get reminded of how she treated me.

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