Day twenty three; Story twenty three

A friendship day special…

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Friends are not people but their addiction. I too have such an Addiction. I am not here to tell you all the words about how friendship is important, cause you’ve probably heard that a lot. But I really would love to tell you how I made a bond with my best friend.
When I moved to India from United Arab Emirates, people in my new school were all strangers, who I never thought i’d talk to, let alone have my best friend. He, James, was one of those strangers. To be honest, I did not even notice him during the first few weeks, but then for how long could we stay unaware of the fact of the other’s existence? We started talking but we had our differences which did not let us get close. But that’s what friendship is, isn’t it? Staying together and not giving a shit about the differences.
The first time we met out of school was when we had a project, and that was when I realised how much fun it was to hang out with him. And I guess he realised it too. We started talking more often and got to know each other better. By the end of the year, we were great buddies. Then I invited him to my place, and we had such fun. Then I went to his place, and had fun. And this repeated to such an extent, that our other friends would never even try to call at the others phone. Literally.
We know each other so well, it scares the shit out of us. Cause, all he be saying is ‘ Damn! ‘ And I know exactly which girl he means.
Having such a friend is an adventure in itself. Honestly, it’s great pleasure to be his best friend. At least he does not make me feel the pain of one sided love.
Cause after all, Friends are not people but their addiction.

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