Day twenty four; Story twenty four

We were trapped in a maze. We were closer than we had been in a long time. Close enough for me to notice everything that’s changed about him. His cheeks, soft and boyish, now angular. His hair longer and thicker. His shoulders muscular and taught.
Two years, and everything about him feels so familiar yet so different.
There was a thick blanket of tension; sexual and otherwise. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, and suddenly an ink stain on my knee was the most fascinating thing in this world. I noticed, his eyes that once looked at me with adoration now were a dull and careless.
I ached to touch him. To just brush my fingers against his skin one more time. Just to see if it feels like the way it did before.
The walls around us budged closer and I fumbled forward, my breath hitching as a sense of unease  settled in my stomach. I was close enough to see the texture of his woven t shirt. Close enough to feel his breath hit my cheeks.
To hear his heart beat faintly, at a much regular pace than the erratic lunges mine was making at the moment. His scent filled my senses and I lost my sense of rationality.
The silence around us was deafening. My neck was starting to ache from looking down. My eyes begged to see him at this proximity one last time. And so, I did.
I raised my head up, ever so slowly and cautiously.
The walls moved again, leaving a mere few inches between us and the sudden move left me clumsy as I reached out and grabbed his arm to keep me from falling.
His breath hitched.
His body stiffened.
I looked up at him and the moment I did, I regretted it.
His eyes were coated with a layer of dampness, and I felt my heart crumble into a million pieces. I reached up, out of habit, and stroked his cheek with the most cautious touch. His eyes closed.
I shifted again. But this time it was his arms that pulled me closer. I gasped as my body collided against his and his face buried into my neck. We stood there for a moment, I noticed the wall shift slightly away from us.
Suddenly he moved away, but just enough so that I could see his face. Tears stroked his cheeks and I reached out to brush them off. His face moved towards my hands and his lips pressed against my fingertips.
A surge of electricity passed through me. Suddenly I was confident again. I gulped, and leaned upwards, careful enough to make sure to move away if he showed even the slightest sign of hesitation.
His eyes closed once again and the moment our lips met, all the walls around us crumbled and crashed into a heap of forgotten memories.

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