Day twenty eight; Story twenty eight

Being the first child of my family, I was loved a lot. I have memories from my childhood when dad was at work, mom was taking a nap and I was left to myself, alone, in the peak hours of the afternoon which I often utilized to play. We were new in Delhi back then, so neither my parents nor I had any friends. But being alone gave me so much happiness. Most people are scared to be alone. But I vividly remember talking to myself and finding a uncanny bliss in the silence that surrounded me. The conditions are the same even today. No matter how many friends I’ve made, I always cherish being alone, in complete silence. it helps me know myself, and I feel that’s important because no matter who you are, there will be a day in your life when you’ll be alone, sitting in a room with no other company but yourself. At that moment, knowing yourself, making yourself happy and being comfortable in your skin is what will help you the most. It’s extraordinary how many conflicts and dilemmas I’ve been able to solve when I calm myself down and sit to think. It’s difficult to feel comfortable when your alone, but I’m glad that I can do that. Controlling my mood, making myself happy when I’m sad and inspiring myself to achieve my goals is one of my strengths because I give myself plenty of time to think and know who I really am. Contrary to what you might infer, I never let my love for being alone turn into loneliness. I enjoy company, being with friends, sharing banter and telling jokes. I like how some of my friends come up to me for advice. I love the fact that I always try to make people around me happy. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to think that someone smiled because of me through what might be a horrible day for them. Stepping into the seventeenth year of my life, I’ve realized that life is based on a very simple principle: it’s an echo. You get back what you give. So I decided, no matter what my career oriented goal is going to be, that I’ve to make people happy. Light someone up and perhaps make their day with a compliment they weren’t expecting. It’s a goal I wake up with and achieve everyday, and trust me, it’s more important than anything else in life.

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I think this is absolutely beautiful, to make someone’s day when they may possibly be facing some of the worst times of their life…it takes a certain amount of courage to do that.
It’s strange how similar we are in this manner, I don’t think anything makes me happier than seeing people smile, especially when I’m the reason behind it. I’m a very mushy and emotional person in actuality, so the minute I see someone cry or upset, I jump right to making them feel better.
I’ve surrounded myself with a lot of wrong people in life, but for once, I am in love with myself and my life, my friends, my family, my teachers, they all are a part of me and they are what keep me going.
It’s important to learn to be alone, and I must say, this kind of solitude goes a long way.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    Being lonely and solitude may be two different things. Solitude is a bliss.
    I have been alone and liked being with myself most of the time and have learned so many things in life that only being alone teaches you. U r right in ur last line.

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    1. They’re very different. Thank you so much 🙂
      I believe that if you learn to be happy alone, then no matter what happens, no one can steal your happiness.

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      1. theonlysup says:

        Agreed. My only theory was be alone to be happy all alone . be happy to be alone.
        I did had friends. But spending time with self made me realize some of the wonderful things in life .. Good to know there is someone who has similar experience

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      2. Very true.
        Thank you

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