Bright smiles and innocence

So guys, like I am so good with kids (Not bragging though), today this little girl came over to my place with her elder sister, she’s about six years old and she’s the most adorable human I’ve met. First of all, she loves this game called “fire boy water girl” which I always have to play with her, because well it’s a two player game. Added to that, she’s scared of dogs, so she basically runs inside the washroom and starts crying every time the door open. Which means she’s always in my arms with her legs wrapped around me, oh well.
But today was different with her, what struck me most was her innocence and happiness. There’s so much she doesn’t know about the world, yet the smile of her face was the brightest I’ve seen on anyone in a long time. I took her to the room on the third floor to watch some television, and right next to it on the wall was a picture if my late grandfather with a necklace made of flowers, which as per Indian traditions signifies the demise of the person.
“Who’s that?” She asked.
“He’s my grandfather” I said.
“Where is he?”
“He went to meet god, long time ago”
“When will he come back?” The innocence was brimming in her eyes.
“I don’t know” and the desperation to meet my grandfather once again took over me.
“Why is he wearing a necklace, he’s not a girrll?
“Well it’s because he’s gone to a special place and everyone who goes there gets this special necklace…”
It was her innocence that got me thinking of how much hate we bring to this world and what impact we have on people. No one is born hating someone, they’re taught to.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    M really happy reading this. U know why. Because u got someone to smile with . and I love the way u answered her. Child’s innocence can take away your pain .. Just like that…


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