Take me back in time?

Been a while hasn’t it? It feels as though there’s nothing left to say, and I don’t mean I have no words left inside me, I do. But it’s like it doesn’t matter anymore you know?
Lately I’ve been looking back a lot, at how different things were, at what I actually fell in love with him and what it’s come down to. At how seven years of friendship can come to an abrupt end and how different things can be in a simple year. When “amnesia” feels appropriate again and there’s a cruel desire to go back in time.
It’s like when you want to be so far away that no one can reach you again and at the same time wish they reach out for you.
I lose him a little more every day of the week, in every little moment at school, in every last joke and in every new song. I lose me in every new decision, every moment I lock everything away, and every morsel of information I decide to keep hidden.
Life takes crazy turns and we gotta learn to adjust right? So here’s to that! Here’s to zero regrets and a million crazy turns.
– 3:45am thoughts

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