The first time ever…

The day was seemingly beautiful, although from inside a club it was hard to tell. She was dressed in her most ordinary (“quite shabby” as her mother would say) clothes, no skirts or dresses were comparable to a plain white top and jeans for her, she was no masterpiece after all. It was a close friends birthday party, and he as always was close to ever girl in that party. It was unbearable really, that sight, it was like she knew two different people, one: inside out yet thoroughly virtually; and the second: not at all but in the real world.
She thought to herself,” what if I said it? What if I actually did it?” And her own mind countered,”don’t be silly, he’ll think you’re nuts”. And so she decided that it wasn’t like her to be sane anyway. The loud music was perhaps hampering her direction of thought, while the darkness of the room made her stumble her way to the bar, “the blue drink maybe? It looks pretty, plus it’s just some sprite” and unintentionally she caught herself comparing the blue drink to the color of his eyes and the sea, the most innocent smile she’d ever seen and the depth of an ocean wide. Despite the vibrations of the music all across the room, she could feel the distinguished flutter of the butterflies in her tummy that seemed to grow restless with each passing moment.
Without wasting another moment, she walked over to him and stood at an inches distance, looking right into the eyes she was swooning over a minute ago. Pacing herself for what she was about to do next, she leaned next to him, with her luscious lips right beside his ear and whispered a subtle “I love you”, and it was the very first time she was so sure of it.

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