Do you believe in what people say?
Do you believe that once people are broken in certain ways, it’s somehow always hard to even take the easy road, and that love becomes a distant dream?
I do.
I used to believe that heartbreaks were a part of life and that one day I’d get up and it won’t matter anymore, and someone would bring me flowers and that they won’t remind me of the past anymore. I used to believe that love was a forever kinda thing and when the sun would rise every morning, perfection and happiness would ring in my ears. I used to believe, that love, was the only thing that would satisfy me.
But I was wrong.
Because no one ever taught me that even the shortest of relationships could leave a deep scar, school never told me how to deal with a broken heart. No one warned how pathetic it could all feel and no one mentioned losing a part of yourself in the emptiness.
It does get better, I won’t say it doesn’t but it’s always there you know? Sometimes it digs in so deep that other things lose meaning, yet you burry it deep. And seldom, if you’re lucky, you’ll go days not wanting to revisit it.

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  1. Writing shit about life and all that says:

    “The Pain doesn’t go away. Eventually, we get used to it.” Stay strong, you’ll get used to it too. 🙂

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    1. That kinda sucks don’t you think?
      Thank you though ^_^

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      1. Writing shit about life and all that says:

        Obviously it sucks. It’s a sucky world :p you’re always welcome 🙂

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      2. That. It unfortunately is.

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      3. Writing shit about life and all that says:

        Yes, the bitter truth.

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  2. theonlysup says:

    People say things out of their experience. You may have different experience in life very different from what people say. Nothing wrong. We all Learn from our life . there are people who can make you feel perfect, who can make you smile again. Yeah memories haunt sometimes but u will have to forge ahead .
    May u get such a person .my best wishes

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    1. I’m sure there will be people who’ll make me smile again, I mean it’s life, it has to go on.
      My point was that just because it moves on doesn’t make you forget everything everything. It’s just just about memories, it’s about feelings. And every time someone perfect comes along, they take a part of you with them and leave a part of themselves with you.
      Thank you so much

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