Running late and running with thoughts

Well, I’m really really late for school today, mostly because I’m lazy. I’m just praying I make it in time, god forbid they send me back home. Now that I’m in the metro, and have literally nothing to do except resort to blogging so I don’t come off as a total loner, I have to think….which is something I’ve been avoiding for as long as I know.
I don’t know what I’m running away from yet, but I do know that I’m running as fast as I can (Figuratively. Because duh…have you ever seen me run?)
I still wonder about him. I still wonder if he’s doing okay and whether he found a new girl to hit on (of course he did). I wonder if he wonders about me, if he just maybe feels slightly guilty for putting me in this situation. I’ve stopped talking about it now, it doesn’t help anymore. You know, somehow I could just talk about him endlessly and now…it’s almost as though if someone so much as mentions his name I want to get up and leave. People think I’m done and so is he and it’s a chapter that’s over. But I don’t know if it is, because if after all those arguments and all those fights, if we end like we did? I would be so disheartened. But maybe that’s what I need, to accept it, to accept that this is it.
I just really hope not. 
Until then, I’m done with the long messages, romantic movies, seeking help and staring at his “last seen”(just kidding, still do it every second of the day) so I normally run to what comes easier instead… Sleep.
“Six stations more, about two minutes per station, approximately fifteen minutes… And ten minutes before the school gates close. Shit.”

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  1. theonlysup says:

    I don’t know . I din read complete post. But somehow felt very happy that u r back after long time ..

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