“What good is war?”

Trembling from inside a mature mind
He stared into the distance,
A man who lost his childhood at merely fourteen.
It’s true what they say,
“What good has war brought us?”
A mother who lost her child,
A brother in search of his little sister.
A husband, longing to see his wife, just one last time.
A life of misery and melancholy,
In the name of the religious and holy,
An eternity of living lies,
Fed by those comfortable in their gold plated beds,
To those, who’s identity now remains a question. 
Bullet holes and blood stains,
A nightmare that’s too real to wake from.
In a world where ego and pride are placed on a pedestal,
Higher than the mountains,
How could human lives ever compensate?

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  1. Fictionatrix says:

    Great blog you have here. Keep it up! 😀

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      1. Fictionatrix says:

        My pleasure! 😀

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