So, tell me about yourself?

*Cringe* This is the most frequently asked question that you will come across in your entire life, starting from first grade all the way up to…Well, till you’re pretty old. More often than not, you’ll never have a reply to this. Instead you just wish they’d asked you to do math sums instead, at least that’d be less awkward and it’s acceptable to be bad at it.
So, first question that pops to your head? “Who am I?” I’m a girl. But of course they can already see that. Then you start with the word vomit…. I’m so and so, from so and so school/college/work with whatever. And it pretty much ends there. Because, next question? “Do I know this human enough to tell them my strengths and weaknesses?” And that you realize you’re just saying that to stop talking.
My dad just gave me the ultimate solution to never having hatred for this question again: come up with a default answer. So basically, you tell everyone the exact same thing, hence, portraying you know yourself well and walking through the awkward situation easily. The brief format goes something like:
1. Name
2. Class/year/experience
3. School/College/Working
4. What you’re good at (art, writing, singing, math etc)
5. I hate…(you, science, humans etc)
6. General conversation about wherever you’re having this conversation/how you know the person (I really like this bar, this is a great party just by the way etc) it’ll help blend the ending without making it abrupt.
7.Your views on India as a developing nation.
Okay, just kidding about the last one. But do make sure you return the cruel favor of asking them about themselves.
So, tell me about yourselves?

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  1. theonlysup says:

    I follow the simple principle of E.E.S.
    Experience, education, skills.
    Strengths of course yes. And I never say my weakness but if specifically asked I would say I’m improving my skills on so n so particular thing and not saying I’m bad at this ..
    I never tell about family and what they do. Cuz question was about yourself and not about the family.
    And depends on interviewer too. For ex. Technical manager is only be interested in ur technical skills. Don’t bore him by saying about how much u love dancing or painting. Similarly HRs. They love to check ur soft skills and not software skills

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    1. Well this wasn’t for an interview in particular, it was more of a general thing. It obviously varies but it was just a basic outlook

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      1. theonlysup says:

        Yeah I just shared my experience when I used to Face this questions during interviews.
        I’ll tell you something .. As u said,@ the end I used give dose of their medicine by asking so tell me what kind of service do u provide to customer .. Haha 😉

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      2. Hahah great to know thanks

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      3. theonlysup says:

        We just shared 2 different perspectives for the same question. I like it friend .

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  2. I’m a student studying linguistics to become a great barista. I like sipping pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. /endstory

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    1. Hey! Nice to meet you ^_^
      P.S I live for pina coladas

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