To anyone facing life’s bullshit,

Fellow suffering human,
I know you’re going through a hard time, and I’m more than aware that telling you it gets better with time won’t change the pain that the present bears. I realize it’s easier said than done but I ask of you to not let this world make you bitter, not let the hate dig into your skin or let it crawl up your body. I ask of you to not try to be so strong that it eventually breaks you beyond measure, cry if you must, but make sure that when you’re done, you’ve let it all out of your system. Everyone has their weak moments, it isn’t your fault if you have yours and the last thing you should be doing is blaming yourself and feeling inferior. I know that telling you you’re beautiful through a letter isn’t going to make you feel a lot better but I promise you I’m here for you, just a message away.

I don’t know what it is that’s breaking your heart, it may be your family, your friends, your partner, your work situations…anything for that matter, I don’t even know the intensity of the situation and neither do I know whether you have help or a dealing with it all by yourself. But what I do know is that you’ll get through it, I say this because nothing in life is permanent, whether it’s good or bad. However, we aren’t in the future yet so you decide whether you want to let whatever this problem is, ruin your life and let it stop you from missing great opportunities that you didn’t take because you “weren’t in the mood”, or you can take it as a challenge, from life itself.

You gotta learn to step out of your comfort zone and stop letting people control you, what they say doesn’t matter. All my life I thought it mattered what people said about me, that I couldn’t wear what I wanted, or do things that were normally frowned upon, but I did them anyway. I’ll admit that I fucked up because of them, I’ll admit I’ve made some huge mistakes just trying to be rebellious, but if you ask me today, I don’t regret a single second. If you think it matter what people say then I hope you’re aware that people will talk for a week at max, fights will last for a month at max and eventually, it’ll either solve itself or either one of the parties will forget about it. At the end of the day, all people care about is themselves and while that isn’t wrong, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be blinded by the judgement of people who cant see five feet in front of themselves.

Keep your head up, smile and don’t let people get you down. You get a shot at life just once, don’t get to obsessed with doing it the right way, because that doesn’t exist. Do it your way and the rest will simply follow.

I love you and I hope you’re doing okay. If not, give yourself a break and get some fresh air. As they’ve always said: no one can make you feel bad without your permission.


The girl who’s been in your place

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