A letter to all my seniors

Dear batch of 2016,
I seem to fail at finding the words to unfold this letter. However, some of you have truly touched my heart simply by being yourselves, and so I feel it is important to me to let you know of your significance in my life. It feels like the world is playing some cruel joke as the time for you to leave comes nearer. I understand how hard it must be to countdown to the day you’ll leave everything this institution has given you and start a new chapter of your lives.
Okay, that’s enough sentimental matter for one letter.
From the best farewell our school has ever seen to the gigantic teachers day present you gave to our teachers, yours is a batch that I truly adore. Now first of all, I’d like to apologize for being so involved with your batch since I know a lot of you hated me for it, but a lot of you made me feel so welcome that I almost felt like I was a part of it. Secondly, thank you for being a constant pillar of support, you guys were the people I could look up to and come to for any kind of help.
In a very elder sister-ish way, I feel like I’ve seen you all grow up, from talking about your CGPA’s to changes in your life. It’s like I know you all on some kind of weird personal level, I don’t know whether it’s trust, understanding or just merely being acquainted. Seeing you all during recess, passing by in corridors, hearing crazy adventures, fighting with a lot of you amd yes, the gossip that spreads like wildfire. Despite the fact that I’m not allowed to be on the same floor as you all, I really will miss you. The corridors of this school already feel emptier without your presence. Your batch is one that changed a lot of aspects of my life in a number of ways. Making close friends, best friends even, some enemies and new relationships with people. I believe that’s why I’ll miss the lot of you so much. Never have I ever before been this attached to my seniors and to be honest, it’s been great.
You’re all probably in that crazy sentimental phase right now, trying to make memories, clinging on to moments and whatnot. And well, some of you seem desperate to leave. Whatever it is, it can’t be as simple as it seems. Because even though there will be new students and new teachers, summer will arrive again and the same thing will be taught the next year, but never again will your life be the same.
The everlasting practises for small scale events, huge parties after assemblies, fights that lasted months, crushes that took your breath away, running out of class after the bell rang, bunking that crazy teachers classes, memories from your last annual day, the declaration of the council body, the dances on teachers day, the misunderstandings in relationships, bitching about the other girl, praying from exams to get over, dreading the results and making friends forever. everyone hates school in first grade but you all know heart in heart that these are memories you’ll cherish forever.
I wish you all the very best for your future, make good decisions and stay in touch with those that matter. Take a deep breath and let it all sink in. The world is your oyster and it’s time for you to stop being afraid of taking chances.
Love and regards
A junior

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