Catcher in the Rye: A book review (of sorts)


So I recently got my hands on the very popular “Catcher in the rye” by J.D Salinger. The book mainly revolves around the messed up life of a teenager named Holden Caufeild. To make an initial note, the language of the book is slightly more informal than I’d like it to be, however it fits the character well. The story begins as he gets expelled from an all boys high school called Pencey Prep. To be very honest with you, somewhere around the middle of the book is where it becomes a little too far-fetched. I put the book down from many a days before I picked it back up again, it seemed absolutely boring and worthless to me and I found myself struggling to finish it. Despite the fact that I could relate to Holden in an array of situations, the book was too unrealistic and lacked an interesting story-line.

In the midst of the book, Holden encounters the shady hotel rooms of New York, snobbish cab drivers and a seemingly depressing lifestyle. I believe the concept would have been better fitting if Holden was perhaps, a college student and not in high school. One even tends to forget his age when reading the book thanks to his flirting with older women and calling a prostitute, among other things. One key thing I disliked about his character was that he had an outright dislike for everything throughout the book which got very annoying in some parts. Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of his analogies and ideologies.

However, on the bright side, the book picked up towards the ending when he sneaks into his own house to meet his younger sister. “Old Phoebe” as he calls her is a sweet and extremely smart young girl who somehow ultimately made not just Holden, but also me fairly happy after putting the book down. The way her character and role is portrayed is absolutely beautiful and innocent. Another factor that I adored was the mention of his deceased brother Allie and the story of how his baseball gloves had poems and quotes written on it, it took everything to an all new level and developed a personal connection with Holden and Phoebe.

The one thing that I absolutely loved was the title and how it its so well with the reference he makes in the book, even though I’ve probably given you a lot of spoilers, this is one that you must read for yourself.

In the end, I believe that the book has it’s highs and lows but it definitely deserves a read. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment, question or suggest books that you’d like to see my review on.

Happy reading!


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