The anonymous letters project

As of now I’ve been thinking about spicing my blog up a little.
I’m starting the concept of “anonymous letters” wherein I post letters on my blog on your behalf addressed to whomsoever you choose to write it for. If you have any letters would like me to post on behalf of you, I would gladly do it so please feel free. These letters may be addressed to anyone, your family members, someone deceased, a celebrity, a fictional character, an ex girlfriend etc. I believe letters are something personal and I would love if you could share a part of you and your story with another human that just so happens to be alive at the same time as you. I assure you that your name won’t be disclosed. However the name of the person will be disclosed unless you choose otherwise in which case your relationship with them will be disclosed eg. “Dear girlfriend” instead of “Dear Lucy”.
I hope you’ll all contribute and share this project further.
You may email the stories to:
Thank you
Looking forward to reading your letters.


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