Dear Prashant, (Anonymous letter 3)

Author’s note: I have recently started the concept of ‘anonymous letters’ wherein I post letters on my blog on your behalf addressed to whomsoever you choose to write it for. These letters may be addressed to anyone, someone deceased, a celebrity, an ex, a family member etc. If you would like me to post on behalf of you, I would gladly help out with conveying them. All you have to do is either inbox or mail me your letters and let me know who it is addressed to and your name will obviously not be revealed unless you choose otherwise. You can mail them to me at
The following letter is a part of this project.

Hi. It’s been awhile. I would like to say that I miss you. I would also like to say that I’m sorry; I wish things didn’t end the way they did between us. There wasn’t room in our hearts to forgive at that time, and now too much time has passed. It’s too late. Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. Read that again. All I wanna say that I really miss you and I really really hate that we could never watch a movie together.

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