A letter to any and everyone I’ve ever hurt this year. Or ever. (Anonymous letter four)

Author’s note: I have recently started the concept of ‘anonymous letters’ wherein I post letters on my blog on your behalf addressed to whomsoever you choose to write it for. These letters may be addressed to anyone, someone deceased, a celebrity, an ex, a family member etc. If you would like me to post on behalf of you, I would gladly help out with conveying them. All you have to do is either inbox or mail me your letters and let me know who it is addressed to and your name will obviously not be revealed unless you choose otherwise. You can mail them to me at niyati.s492@gmail.com.
The following letter is a part of this project.

Today is legit the last day of 2015 and this year will never happen again. These memories we had, they’ll never come back.
And, to the people who I’ve had bad memories with, or to the people who had bad memories with me, I’m so sorry.
I really am.
Dear, Friend, ex-lover, family member, people who I’ve pushed away, people who walked out on me, acquaintance,  stranger.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry if I did anything that hurt you and I didn’t know. I’m sorry if I meant it or not. I’m sorry if I knew or didn’t. I’m sorry for being this person who can stay mad forever and I’m sorry for letting all of you go.
Each and everyone of you.
I’m sorry, love. You meant the world to me and you still do. You have no idea how bad I miss you and think of you each day. I’m sorry, lost friend. I barely contact you these days. I’m sorry, friend. I pushed you away when I needed you the most because I was afraid and also sorry because I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. I’m sorry, everyone. I admit I haven’t been that positive this year. I’ve only been letting the people around me down and letting myself down too. I’m sorry, self.
I really am.

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