Raining Glass (Shared)

There she was, again. Sitting on the ice cold floor, demented, confused and curious. Her mind racing with terrifying thoughts, heart thumping and body covered in sweat, struggling to free her mind from restlessness. She was anxious and alone. All alone in that dark cold place, unaware of her surroundings.

She was shaking. Shaking with fear and anger. All she could see was glass. She was surrounded by ice cold glass that seemed to be ceaseless and binding all around her.

She could barely open her bloodshot eyes when she heard the sounds again. They were loud, screeching noises that made her fret. The sounds kept changing their frequencies from high to low and at times made teeth clenching noises of chains dragging on hard metal. There were deafening screeches and loud footsteps racing but there was no one and nothing in sight. All she could see was glass. Foggy, ice cold glass.

She still couldn’t control her mind. The sounds got louder. Footsteps, harder.
She looked down at her pale shaking hands only to notice her veins turning black. The voices started again. She couldn’t take it any longer, she needed to escape and hit her head on the glass, banged it hard with rage and anxiousness.
Out of nowhere, the voices stopped and water started dripping from the ceiling glass. She focused her mind on the water looking at each drop only to notice that it wasn’t water, it was glass.
Glass that looked like rain drops, falling on the ground and shattering into tiny shards. Bewildered and confused, she got up. Head covered in blood, she walked under the falling glass and closed her eyes.

The tiny shards of glass felt like drops of rain splashing on her face. It calmed her. She cherished the feeling of those glass shards splashing on her face gently yet, piercing through her skin and letting the blood flow out, just like it was raining.

With the urge to escape, she tried breaking the glass walls around her with her bare hands, letting the pieces seep into her skin as all the walls started to break and fall, one by one. She fell in love with the feeling of glass breaking against her skin and proceeded to walk further until she got the smell of fresh air. She anxiously ran further, cutting every bit of skin through the thin glass walls until she ended up in a forest with pouring rain to which she turned back to see a palace made of fine glass, collapsing right in front of those bloodshot eyes of hers. A palace made of glass.

She thought she’d escaped. But, it wasn’t rain in the forest, it was the falling glass. It was the raining glass that seeped into her skin, piercing it and letting that dark blood of hers flow out. She had no escape now.

Until, she opened her eyes only to find herself back in the hospital bed, again.

It wasn’t a dream because, she was covered in cuts, again.


*Authors note: Hey guys! This post was written by one of my closest and best friends and I swear you have to check out her blog; it’s totally worth it!

Check her out here!

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