Travel Diaries

Aircraft after aircraft lined up, displaying man’s monstrous and gigantic creations. I bear witness to memories in the making and strangers I will seldom cross paths with.

As the official dressed all in white asks for my boarding pass, I gaze at the countless aircrafts on standby, waiting to take off into the sky and swim among the clouds. I feel the energy and electricity sinking in as the pit in my stomach deepens with happiness and optimism.

I notice the children running around on the slippery tiles of the airport; and others who aren’t as excited to have been woken up at four in the morning. I see beautifully dressed air hostesses with not a speck of dirt on their shiny dresses nor puffiness in their eyes. I see all the passengers, some dressed in merely pajamas and others in fancy dresses; all of us off to a different destination yet holding the airport common to all.

With time, I come to notice the dew glistening on the aircrafts left wing which appears strangely large from seat 14F. After all, The oceans and sky are the two things I could never get enough of. I look forward to seeing the sunrise from the sky as though the world has not yet been exploited by humans and I’m back millions of years in the past; reunited with nature once again.


The voice behind the veil.

Image source: Google images

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