Musings of a nostalgic heart

I cannot even begin to phantom a life

without the endless morning clatter in the kitchen,

or the silent loving whisper of my mother waking me up.

I can’t seem to picture the emptiness

of being unable to feel the silkiness of your arms draped across my body,

or the subtle wind that blows your hair across your face.

Casual plans now seem to hold great importance

and the idea of school seems redundant.

Foreign lands and foreign beds spike the adrenaline in my body.

Yet I cannot seem to get over

the major missing fate has planned.

Your touch that once felt so warm and tender,

now holds painful times that cease to exist.

Here’s to all the spotlight moments,

that have built me and created the person that stands before you today.

Here’s to a confident, young achiever,

who strives to build on what she’s leaving behind.


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