What good is war?

In a world, that today, stands still after the attacks in Brussels; the entire Muslim community is being held under doubt and scrutiny. In a world where some countries are more important than the others and the tremors of superiority complex are felt on an international level.  A world where it is understood that some lives must be sacrificed to restore peace.  A world where ‘one for all and all for one’ is taken a bit too seriously. A world where the thunder spread by bombs, the rattle of guns and shackles of misery overtakes the importance of human lives.

When will it be understood that there is more to this world than war. Struggle has always been an old acquaintance to man, but some friends turn to foes in a matter of minutes. The tables have turned and what was once an understanding of harmony is now and understated threat of another world war. Is it perhaps already too late? Have we already doomed the fate of the ones already struggling? For there will come a time when all is gone and the irreversible chain of actions is all we will have to look back on.

Distraught, distrust and domination is all we currently breed, feeding it with ego, denial and misdirection. Then how can we expect fruits of harmony, love and unity? Why must we misinterpret the holiness of each religion and turn it into a weapon of lethal destruction? It is the hopes for the youth that shows a sliver of light at the end of this dark tunnel.  So today I ask you, from behind the veil; what good is war? After all, “An eye for an eye, will make the world blind.”


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