The world as a “United Nation”

If every challenge could be combated hand in hand; if the blame game was one only played by those below the age of five; if we all stopped turning our backs on one another; if everyone was respected and accepted for who they chose to be; if there was mutual understanding and ego ceased to exist, only then can the world proudly exist as a united nation. A place where the development of humanity was of prime focus, a place whose citizens accept the principles of concepts like secularism and sovereignty, a place where rights were exercised with promise of responsibility and a place where peace flourishes.

Perhaps then we wouldn’t need those treaties and the concept of a ‘superpower’ wouldn’t exist. Maybe ‘veto’ would be a concept of the past and animosity between countries would be unknown; the thirst for power and the means to obtain it would no longer be a part of man’s dream. Perhaps then, death and destruction would no longer be a consequence of human action.

If all the religions agreed to disagree and all the rich felt the pain of the poor; maybe then we would know true togetherness. If every single one of us thought of those beyond the restriction of our own borders; perhaps then the dream of a united nation would be within reach. It’s simple to imagine such scenarios; however it still isn’t too late. A united nation without the need of a ‘united nations’ is the ultimate goal and the world’s lack of realization is taking lives by the masses.

world as one
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