Midnight rings

You called me at four in the morning. I picked up seeking the words that every heartbroken soul has pictured echoing in their ears for the past few years. And there it began. Your word vomit of everything I was unprepared to hear. I thought I’d be super cool Time had passed and I wouldn’t … Continue reading Midnight rings

Relationship goals

My mum married her first love. My dad married his true love. Together, they gave me relationship goals that meant more than likes and comments. Sometimes, love is not poetic. It can hurt, yes. It can feel like a thousand beautiful dawns rising inside your body. But it’s not poetic. It’s not about those metaphors … Continue reading Relationship goals


The mirror sees you. It notices the scars that crease your face like constellations. It pays attention to your sunken eyes and dark outlines that sink into the pink. Stretch marks that stain the deepest blue around your curves. And scarlet nestle of spots that huddle around your leg. It tells you to smile more … Continue reading Reflection