I smoked up.

I smoked up.
They call it cannabis
I call it an antidote to my ambivalence
Slow and steady
I could feel the hands of time slipping and ticking and running
I need to stop. To catch a breath.
As inhibitions fade I’m unable to persuade
The entire room turns into a maze.
My laugh consumes as every miniscule of pain looks like a means of gain.
I get bolder and louder and my hands danced in the air while others stared and I couldn’t seem to care.
I thought perhaps, as long as I kept my reality in control
It didn’t matter what I smoked.
But I think I misunderstood! Because you see,
What I didn’t realize was that the rules only ply as long as you’re at the wrong end of the table.
Untamed and unfair, I walk across the room to the ghost of my fate.
Seven shots down and I was drowning in hate.
The music booms as electricity encompasses the room.
And good vibes fill the void that you so casually left behind.
Surrounded by groups of four,
I lay on the bed in my trippy tour.
She’s a slut they say.
I’m sorry but when did uncalled attention amount to penetration?
End of conversation.

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