Relationship goals

My mum married her first love.
My dad married his true love.
Together, they gave me relationship goals that meant more than likes and comments.
Sometimes, love is not poetic.
It can hurt, yes. It can feel like a thousand beautiful dawns rising inside your body.
But it’s not poetic.
It’s not about those metaphors that writers use to romanticize the horrible world we live in.
Love is complicated enough between two people without our definitions of what it should look like.
Love is simple and everyone feels it differently.
To me love is that slight flutter in my stomach when he walks by, it’s laughing with my friends all night over drinks, it’s screaming through the sunroof at four in the morning.
Love is simple.
I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you what it’s not.
It’s not broken hearts compared to shattered dreams and it’s not a forest fire raging inside me, it’s not the emptiness of my heart compared to a black hole.
Let’s face it, forest fires are no joke and my heart? My heart is a beating organ with no feelings and no need to be personified nor romanticized.
Love, is not the way the sun disappears every night to let the moon shine,
Its not how a moth is driven to flame
It’s not how the rain is symbolic of the tears of the sky
No, that’s science.
Love can’t eradicate hate because without distrust love would cease to exist.
I like to believe that I’m a hopeless romantic.
But I refuse to love a him, or a her or a third gender for that matter.
I’m a hopeless romantic for moments that overwhelm me, for moments that make me delirious.
I’m no damsel in distress
And I’ll slay my own damn dragon.

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