To the ones who taught me not to be sorry…

You came halfway around the world
And made it all the way into our hearts.
One of you taught us focus while the other was hell-bent on spreading love,
Put together, this weird concoction created a little magic of its own.
The next day the roles reversed, one taught us to stand upright while the other brought out malangapse hidden inside.
Though the week we switched and shuffled, and rhymed and reasoned amidst the stifled whispers and louder thoughts;
We played with emotions and also, paper balls.
A place where we could be cheese and stars all in one or talk about weed and sex, all we want.
You inspire and love and care so generously it hurts, rekindling old flames you instilled a confidence strong enough to shake off the dirt.
Experimenting with lust and greed and feelings of all kinds, y’all listened intently while we spoke our minds.
We’re forever grateful for the lessons taught and those candid talks, or maybe perhaps for those chocolates we hogged. 
We aren’t that great with metaphors and all, and not really crazy about forest fires at all, but trust you me, you’ve shown us galaxies within four walls.
So here’s to the one’s who helped us create this masterpiece, unintentionally or not, a little musing of heartfelt thoughts if you must.
So Kyle and Ikena, we hope you enjoyed handling us as much as we enjoyed picking your brain.
What we’re really trying to say, is y’all have a family in India now.

Hey guys! This poem is dedicated to Kyle Louw and Ikena. My mentors for the one month of Delhi poetry slam held in India. You can find links of their work below.
Kyle louw
ikena onyegbula

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